Stephanie Browne Australia will be celebrating 30 years of handcrafting luxurious, vintage inspired Bridal jewellery and accessories in Melbourne in 2018! Here Stephanie offers styling tips and tells of where she gets her inspiration from for her luxe Bridal designs!

➳ My darling Dad, Robert Biddle helped me start my business. He was a well respected bridal retailer in Melbourne and had a need for beautiful accessories to accentuate his gowns. He encouraged me to create some beautiful pieces - which I hand made for him. They sold as soon as he put them on display in his store. The rest is history with my first store opening later in Melbourne not long after - this was 1988.

He also encouraged me to travel to New York for our first trade show there in 1994. It was terrifying! But that is where I met Kleinfeld who was then located in Brooklyn. They were my first US Stockist and have remained so ever since. I am so proud of all the wonderful people we work with in the industry and our loyal stockists we have built up over the years. Without everyone's support we wouldn't be where we are today.

My inspiration comes from nature firstly... especially the ocean which I live close to - as well as architecture, fashion and film and distant lands and their history. You have to get out and look at things, antiques, I go to exhibitions and I love art. Coming from a family of artists, it's not hard to find someone to go with! Asking which one piece is my favourite from my 30 years in business is like asking who my favourite child is! We have created so many labours of love in my time, it just wouldn't be fair.

I am most proud of the fact we have remained a family business. My son Andrew who is an actor also works in the business as a jeweller and my gorgeous daughter Chelsea now works in our Premier store and assists with visual merchandising and design. A new generation bringing a breath of fresh air to what we do.
The top lessons I have learnt over the past 3 decades in a design business is to always be true to yourself and your style, don't copy others... have a little faith... It takes time to build a brand name and a good reputation.

When starting out on your search for Bridal accessories, take your Mum or a good stylish sister or friend with you when you go accessory shopping, do your research first and bring along a picture of your dress to help the stylist get an idea of what she or he can recommend. That's how we work.
I always say to Brides that they should choose a style of earring that they would wear again. That way your suiting not only your special day, but your personality. Don't be afraid to dress up - accessories are finishing touches and they are very important in creating your complete look.

For our 30th anniversary, we will perhaps celebrate some of the iconic styles that I have created over the years, but I don't want to give too much away before White Gallery 18!


Stephanie Browne is the designer who created the custom made bodice, earrings and bracelet for Sarah Snook in one of my favourite Kate Winslet movies - the award-winning Australian Jocelyn Moorhouse film - The Dressmaker