'Our business concept is simple – we want to make people feel special! We are all gift givers at heart, and we love giving gifts that are meaningful and unique. So as a business we wanted all our products to do the same.' Etch It Studio

Our store offers quite a few products which are wedding/engagement related, as we have items which can be used as gifts for the couple but also products which the couple can use to gift to their bridal party. All of them are personalised with names, dates, initials and messages.

You can order gifts that you want to have engraved like Wedding party gift boxes, hip flasks, wine boxes, ring boxes, clothes hangers - we are also about to start dabbling into bigger items like signage, wishing well boxes, cake toppers, place cards. Even if we don’t have a product listed we are always happy to source and build products people are looking for – so the possibilities are endless.

Etch It Studio was actually born on the back of our weddings. We are 2 recently married couples who had just gone through all the roller-coasters a wedding brings and had noticed that what we all wanted most out of our special days (other than to marry the partners of our dreams) was to have a wedding which truly emulated us.


In our own ways we wanted it to speak to who we were as couples, individuals and tell our story. In order to achieve this we had found ourselves drawn to things which were unique and customised. It was from this we started getting the idea that maybe this was a service we could provide for other people? Not just for weddings but for birthdays, Christmas, engagements, special occasions, businesses – the list goes on. We really felt it was something we were all truly passionate about and perhaps could even have some fun doing!

We have been in business since mid 2017 and there have already been so many highlights so far! The moment things really kicked things off for us, of course, was when we made our first few sales! That wonderful moment that someone, a total stranger, liked our product - something we had created, so much they wanted to buy it. It was very humbling.

I still remember exactly where I was standing when the notification sound came in on my phone and I stopped dead in my tracks (almost ran into someone walking past me I think!). The four of us were immediately on our group chat and you could feel the excitedly nervous buzz amongst us.

Which is why everything we offer is customisable, you choose exactly what it says and if you have something totally unique our design team is always happy to work with people to come up with something completely custom. We want everything someone buys from us to feel personal. A gift made just for them.

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