It all began when two Sunshine Coast friends, Janelle and Tara started The Travelling Kimono five years ago with a hope to create unique garments with true meaning & dreams to empower women in Vietnam. And today, we are excited to introduce to you their Bridal Kimono range!

"In a world of so much fast fashion, we are dedicated to producing quality handmade garments that are all ethically made whilst supporting women in need of work" TTK

We are huge believers in conscious fashion for both people and planet which is why we have all our garments ethically handmade and are always moving towards more sustainable and organic fabrics to include in our collections. We are proud to assist in empowering women in Vietnam with ethical, sustainable work.
As we continue to grow we will ensure not to become another label that adds to the fast fashion problem, but rather helps create a platform that becomes part of the solution to encourage change in the industry. We are also striving for zero waste by using all of our off cuts to make one off children’s dresses and moving together sourcing environmentally friendly fabrics for all our garments.

WHAT UNIQUE PRODUCTS DO YOU OFFER TO BRIDES? We are pleased to announce that we now also design handmade limited edition bridal kimonos and 100% silk slips. Detailed with stunning floral prints in luxurious fabrics, they make the perfect gift for your Bridesmaids and ideal for getting ready in on your Wedding day. We only ever make up to 20 of each design (usually less) which keeps them unique and exclusive. Each bridal kimono and slip has been ethically made using beautiful quality fabrics that we hand source. We also do custom made kimonos and each kimono features an angel clip with waist tie and our signature gypsy style arms!

DESCRIBE YOUR FAVOURITE PART ABOUT WHAT YOU DO: The creativity! Having your own fashion label gives you the ability to be as creative as you want. All our garments are 100% handmade so we are able to be involved in the process from start to finish. We also love that we get to fulfil our passion while helping empower other women, which feels pretty amazing.

TELL US HOW YOU LIKE TO OVERCOME ANY CHALLENGE: Running your own business is full of challenges but the honest truth is, we stay faithful. We really believe in our label and the ethos behind our brand, which keeps us in constant faith of ourselves, in God and each other. The challenges only get harder as we grow but we try to keep grounded, not take ourselves too seriously and not stress the small stuff! Having the 3 of us in business together when we welcomed Nicki to the team is a huge benefit, as we all have different strengths and can lean on each other.