"As cliche as this might sound, our Brides are our highlights. We’ve made so many lifelong friends and it’s such a blessing that we can be a part of the happiest moments of their lives." Chloe - Meeting Grace

Perth based Bridal couture design and production duo, Elsa & Chloe, are the powerhouse talent behind the Bridal couture label - Meeting Grace. Joining forces to design a gown that is everything their Bride's ever dreamt of and more, they aim to achieve a look of perfection every time. Chloe shares with us their inspiration, challenges and concept behind their Bridal couture designs.


"We love seeing our beautiful Brides’ faces light up at every stage of the Meeting Grace design and production journey when we are designing our Wedding gowns. Being a bridal boutique that focuses only on custom made wedding dresses has many challenges, but nothing beats capturing a vision that the Bride has for herself and how she wants to look on her Wedding day. When we’re able to create something unique for our Brides, specifically something that she has imagined since she was a little girl that really brings us to tears (happy tears, of course!)

A lot of our inspiration comes from lace and colours. Our brides ask for wedding gowns that you usually won’t see anywhere else or are a blend of many ideas. We love to think outside the box and really look at the little details that make up a Wedding dress. Our biggest inspiration comes along when we look at a huge piece of lace."

The best thing about lace is that because the design is always so intricate, there are countless pieces that can be used. We have had many brides choose the same lace, but each dress looks completely different! Colour is also something we LOVE to work with. Our brides have the freedom to choose any colour for their Wedding dress and only a small percentage have chosen white! We love that we can work with blush, lilac, grey, silver and gold just to name a few! Our absolute favourites are anything blush pink & lace.

As Elsa and I have made a conscious decision to always have everything hand made in Perth, Western Australia, this is perhaps one of our biggest hurdles. Designing and producing a custom made Wedding dress can actually become quite costly! A lot of our potential Brides don’t realise that getting a custom made wedding dress can be significantly pricier than buying off the rack in some situations. A few people have suggested that we get our dresses made off shore to cut costs but we really feel that there is something very special about meeting the person who will be designing and making your wedding dress by hand. In our case, that’s Elsa! Many of the Brides say that meeting Elsa has given them such a huge peace of mind because they know they can trust her with their vision.

We tell all of our Brides before they meet us for a design consultation is to go and try on heaps of dresses! I would say that 95% of the Brides that we’ve met have said “I’ve always thought I would go for a mermaid style/off shoulder etc, but I’ve chosen a shape/design that I never thought I’d go for!”. The other 5% are those who have known exactly what they’ve wanted since they could remember! We’d definitely recommend trying all sorts of styles and shapes to find one that really accentuates your best features.

Our Bridal couture concept has evolved a lot over the past years. Currently, we ask that our Brides see us 4-6 months before their Wedding day. We have 2 stages, the design stage and production stage. In the design stage we have a consultation, we test potential fabrics/laces for our bride and then we reveal the design sketched by Elsa (based on what our bride has mentioned in the consultation stage). We also spend time with our Brides picking colours and laces for their wedding dress. This usually goes for hours but we love this stage! We get so many ideas and inspirations when we see all the possibilities in front of us and our Brides get super excited as well.

 The production stage is often referred to as the “magical” stage by our Brides. They love the fact that they can see their wedding dress come together in front of their eyes. We make a prototype first where we test the shape, design and the overall fit on our Bride. A prototype pretty much means that we make their Wedding dress out of a material like calico so we can test the fit and make adjustments to measurements, trains and hems.

From there we have 4 fittings where each time we meet, more work has been done on the dress. Our absolute favourite part though is cutting out lace pieces to place on the dress. We all love that lace can give such flattering angles for every Bride!


Elsa knew very early in her teenage years that her career would be in Bridal couture design. Growing up in Indonesia, Elsa started a business there making custom made Wedding dresses and was at the stage of having many people working for her. Then she found love, got married and moved to Perth. Wanting to start something here but knowing that the Bridal industry in Australia would be very different from Indonesia, is right where I come in.

My name is Chloe and Elsa is my sis-in law. I’ve always loved fashion and design, moving schools to learn more about it and my passion for Bridal couture really grew from that schooling. There was a catch though, I can’t sew to save my life! I still remember crying in front of my sewing machine every night I had a project! So the fact that I always got incredible marks for my designs but lower marks for production makes Elsa and I the perfect match in our Couture design business!

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