ABIA QLD Makeup Artist of the year, EMK Make Up & Hairstyling has officially rebranded to self titled Bridal Hair and Makeup service - Emilia Maria Makeup + Hair. Emilia chats to us about the importance of following your passion and has great advice for Bride's who are just starting out on their search for a Bridal stylist.

When was the Emilia Maria Makeup + Hair born?
Formally known as EMK Make Up & Hairstyling, my little business was born in early 2016 while I was finishing up studying a Diploma of Specialised Makeup Services at the National Academy of Beauty. From there I put all my spare time, passion and funds into making my little business grow and I will continue to do so. It all started from a fairly young age and growing up, my family always told me I had a special talent for hair and makeup because I would surprise my Mum with impressive hairstyles getting ready for school! Finally I followed my passion and did what I wanted to do - create the perfect look for Brides on their special day!
Do you have any advice for Brides who are starting their search for a Wedding hair and makeup stylist? Do your research, like with anything its always best to do your research. And the cheapest is not always the best - the old saying of 'you get what you pay for' can certainly play true in this scenario so check reviews. When looking for a makeup artist, I suggest finding someone that will suits your needs, for example someone who is flexible with timing, super responsive so you feel like you are cared about and are in safe hands, as well as someone who makes the financial stress of a Wedding a little easier with payment plans so that you don't have to find chunks of money in a really short period of time.

So while you do your research, find previous styles you like that the stylist has done, as well as organising a trial if you are unsure of what you want exactly and that way you will also be able to meet them and see if you gel. I find that for your Wedding and in order to remain stress-free on your big day, you need to find someone who will make you feel comfortable, will get along with your family and friends so that you don't feel like they are a stranger on the day.
Are there any fun stories that you want to share from your experiences so far?
To be honest, all my stories are fun and my favourite. I cannot pin point one particular story or day. I put the same amount of effort and love into each Wedding style and at every Wedding, there are laughs, tears and it is an all-round great day. I am normally an emotional person so I will replicate what the atmosphere is unless its stress. My number one goal on the day is to make sure that the Bride is relaxed and enjoys the day instead of stressing about it.

Tell us about the concepts and inspiration behind your business:
Having two older sisters who are both married and then also being Bridesmaids both times, really opened my eyes when I first started in the Bridal industry. I found that no one left touch up kits so that when we wanted to touch up our lipsticks or anything, we had to find and source our own so I decided that I would provide a mini touch up kit with a little pot of lipstick to make it easier. The Bridal touch up kit always has a few more things like tissues, a few spare bobby pins (just in case, as well as cotton tips) plus a few other things. I also provide the service where I can stay behind if the Bride wants me there until they are all ready, and then I can provide one last touch up before I leave so there is no chance that anything will get ruined.

Have you got a personal favourite style?
I absolutely love a romantic up-do but I am also very biased when it comes to a high slick bun (as this is personally my favourite style). I am also very partial to a black smokey eye but my favourite bridal look at the moment is a natural eye with a bold lip - I LOVE a bold/brave bride.
Emilia Maria Makeup + Hair
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Photography: Jessa Love Light