For the love of organic, we chat to Christy from Sunshine Coast Wedding Favours about their bespoke gift options of organic honey, tea, kombucha and FYO alcohol. Simply select your personalised labels, choose your colour, style and filling and receive beautifully packaged favours for your guests to enjoy over and over to say thanks for sharing in your special Wedding day celebrations.

how and when was Sunshine Coast Wedding Favours born? Well, we are the new kids on the block, the freshest of fresh and the best of the best. Last year, at a luncheon, a friend was commenting on how many tacky favours she had come across whilst planning her Wedding, the age old, so many options but all of them cheap and nasty. As a passionate creative, designer and beekeeper I volunteered to put something together. I love minimalist, timeless and elegant design concepts and used these to create little gifts that complemented her stunning Tuscan inspired reception. They were brimming with kombucha to help with that morning after feeling, as our circle enjoys a drink or two and they went down a treat.

what Sunshine Coast Wedding Favours offers a couple for their Wedding day? We offer organic honey, tea, kombucha & FYO alcohol as bespoke Wedding favours for your special day. These are simple, timeless and affordable favours that are complication free! Starting at just $4.95 each - Not every part of the planning process has to be difficult and time consuming (or expensive!)
did you always know that you wanted to design gifts that are perfect for Wedding favours? I have always loved putting together events and knew I would work in a creative industry at some point in my life and this combines the two. So in a way yes, it’s a dream come true.

advice: Choose something that won’t be left behind, there’s nothing worse than seeing a table full of lolly bags after the event because the only ones who took them home were the kids. Choose something that will help them revisit your event time and time again, with smiles as big as a honey bears.

what is the best part about what you do: The best part is seeing our favours seamlessly complimenting the work of the Wedding planners, florists and stylists. A synergie between all of the creatives gives an event such a tremendous feeling of cohesiveness, elegance and timelessness.

Right now, Sunshine Coast Wedding Favours are offering 20% off sitewide. Use code: EARLYBIRD (Orders taken through their Noosa Boutique Apiary website)

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