"Catherine R Couture began over twenty years ago, beginning with a love of fabrics and lace, a passion for the organic process of creating and evolving Bridal couture…. each Bridal gown is a reflection of this love of creating beauty"

Every Bride dreams of what their perfect Wedding day will be…..so we like to make it memorable by creating something unique for each Bride, something that reflects their own unique style and personality. And we want our brides to really enjoy the whole process too - no stress, just fun and happy memories!

➳ Did you always know that you wanted to design Bridal couture? I have always felt that clothing was such a personal thing, it reflected who you are and how you feel…and where you are going! I also know that women want to reflect their own beauty, and that Wedding gowns are the most beautiful dress you will ever wear. So a Wedding day is the most important day for a woman to feel and wear exactly what is perfectly suited to them as a Bride. So I was naturally drawn to create Bridal and be able to ensure Brides felt amazing! 

➳ Do you have any classic stories that you would like to share from your experiences? I once was asked to create a gown …actually two….to suit a ride who was marrying into royalty. I was aware of the need to respect the protocols of the family, and to make the Bride feel as amazing and comfortable as possible…. with instructions to ensure nothing on the gown was ‘fake’ or inferior in quality! So two very unique gowns came into existence and she looked so amazing. Such a wonderful experience and such a beautiful Bride.

➳ What advice would you offer to a Bride that is just starting out on their search for the perfect Wedding gown? Honour yourself, and how you feel in your gown. The mirror doesn’t lie, and nor can you ignore your feelings. You will know when you have found the perfect one. Feel comfortable and a sense of trust in your designer and you will know that the process will evolve perfectly. Go with your heart and enjoy every minute!
➳ Do you have a personal favourite style? The diversity of styles in fashion now is amazing - the biggest ever that I have seen in my time in this industry. My favourite is a difficult one….. I would say my heart is drawn to soft ethereal gowns with lace features. Something that has shape and form and softness all mixed into one.

➳ What is the best part about what you do: I love creating something unique and special for my Brides - working together to get the gown that fits perfectly, feels perfect on, and reflects the Bride, the Wedding venue and destination…. and of course her dreams. Creating beautiful memories that last a lifetime - Catherine.

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