"I wanted to design and create Bridal gowns that were sexy, glamourous, sophisticated and more of what you would see on the Red Carpet, hence Ziolkowski was born!" Celyna - Ziolkowski Evening & Bridal Couture

From a very young age, Celyna has been obsessed with collecting glamourous images of Hollywood stars on the Red Carpet, the Oscars, etc...When she finished her Fashion Degree at UTS, Celyna decided to go into Streetwear. Ziolkowski Evening & Bridal Couture was then officially created in 2007 after a re-structure and transformation of her street wear brand. 

"I had actually been creating Bridal, evening and formal gowns for the past 20 years on the side. In 2007 a semi trailer smashed into my street wear boutique in Darlinghurst, which forced me to move and re-think what I was doing. I decided to focus on designing and creating what I really love...and that's gowns!!!" Celyna Ziolkowski tells.
"Deep down inside I always knew I wanted to concentrate wholly on designing Bridal couture so I researched what the Bridal market was like at the time...it was boring to say the least! Most Bridal brands only offered strapless meringues, so I decided that I really wanted to offer my Brides different options. I wanted to design and create Bridal gowns that were sexy, glamourous, sophisticated and more of what you would see on the Red Carpet, hence Ziolkowski was born!

Ziolkowski offers Brides a unique design experience in that we actually listen to what our Brides really want. 

Our aim is to create their dream dress so we won't try to force a particular dress style on our clients if they only like 90% of it. We listen to our clients and work with them to design and create a gown that they will 110% love. We offer over 20 years of fashion expertise and experience with all the up to date trend forecasts. We love customising our beautiful gowns, creating individual pieces from gorgeous fabrics and making our Brides feel special!

Every Bride's story is so different and unique. I've had Bride's that have wanted to make grand entrances, down staircases, on horses, on motorbikes, on boats, parachuting in to their Wedding ceremony. Those with Weddings in grand ballrooms, in tents, on the edge of cliffs, in backyards and boats...so many different locations! I've had brides on personal quests, getting fit/healthy, losing weight, finding themselves, finding happiness, having surgery, fighting illness and disease, making amazing recoveries. I've had Brides trying to get pregnant, those that are, those with kids, with blended families. Those that are young and getting married for the first time, those that are getting married at a later age and those that are doing it again. Those that have lost loved ones, with loved ones about to be lost...such sad stories and such stories of happiness! At the end of the day, it's about two people that have found love!
Advice I would give to Brides searching for their perfect Wedding gown is:

a) REMAIN TRUE TO YOUR OWN PERSONAL STYLE. You want to look like yourself but a better version of you!!! Don't be persuaded by others to wear a style that you feel uncomfortable in, doesn't suit your own style or is not your dream dress! Your Wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you should be able to put on your gown and feel 100% amazing!

b) DO YOUR RESEARCH. If you are buying a dress online, take some time to read the fine print and reviews, research the dress and fabric descriptions. There's nothing worse than that "disappointment" after receiving an online dress that doesn't look like it's picture and is made from some terrible plastic feeling fabric! If you are buying off the rack, please ensure that the fit is good otherwise get it altered. There's nothing worse than a Bride who looks uncomfortable and fidgets with her dress throughout the Wedding day. If you are getting a dress made or buying couture, communication is the key. Your dress designer wants to create your perfect dress, but to do that they need to find out exactly what that is. Keeping a collection of images of dress features or dress styles that you like really helps the communication process with your designer.

c) SET A BUDGET. Think about all the different things that you want for your special day...itemise them and set a budget. Research different suppliers and cost options. You don't want to come back from your honeymoon struggling with debt!

➳ Do you have a personal favourite style? I have a favourite silhouette...the sleek 1930's style with a low back and train. So sexy and dramatic!!!

➳ What is the best part about what you do? I'm fortunate to meet so many amazing people from different backgrounds and walks of life, from all over Australia. I get to hear their wonderful stories, how they met, fell in love and the Wedding day that they are planning. The best part about designing Wedding gowns is I get to make the Bride so happy by creating her dream dress!" Celyna, Ziolkowski Evening & Bridal Couture

Photography: Claudio Raschella


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