"We love the candid natural moments that capture the true essence of beauty and love for one another." Taylor & Co. Photography

➳ Kyle and Taylor have been taking photos for some years now and quite often found themselves out and about shooting for fun, or in Kyles case, documenting surf and oceanscapes... but with a burning desire to chase their dream of photographing the special moments in a couples life on their Wedding day and engagement, Taylor & Co. Photography was born! Offering a uniquely relaxed and natural experience on your special day, this duo prefer to connect more on a friendship level than a goods & services basis. 

"I don’t think we would describe ourselves as having one particular style, as every new shoot is 100% different to the last. We do however love the more naturally candid, emotive swing of things over the staged poses that may occur in the field. Kyle has always been taking photos since before I knew him, but I don’t think either of us really ever imagined we could ever fall into a position to make a living from photography in any form, so to be able to have the opportunity to do so is so incredibly humbling!"

➳ What advice would you offer couples just starting their search for a Wedding photgrapher? I think when looking for a photographer for any event or situation, the most important thing is that you like the style they shoot, most photographers will have a uniquely distinct way of taking photos. It’s also really important to meet with them if possible to establish a relationship prior to the day as essentially, they are a guest telling the visual story at your Wedding, not just a service.

➳ Do you have any classic moments from your experiences that you want to share? There was a maternity shoot for a beautiful couple we were on, she was heavily pregnant and wanted to shoot in the pines, so we loaded up our 4x4 van and all headed in, but the track was super soft after the motorbikes had ripped through it all the week before and I quickly realised we might be in a bit of bother when the van was almost redlining and we were barely moving... luckily I managed to keep cool and get us out before anyone had to dig, or even worse, give birth! The couple were over the moon with how the images came out for them.

➳ Tell us about the best part about what you do: Hands down the best part about what we do, is capturing such beautiful and natural moments in peoples lives and receiving the most overwhelmingly positive feedback on the photos we hand back to them, it really brings on a smile when you make someone so happy with the memories you have provided them to cherish forever.



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