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When it's all about the intricate details, this Wedding cake designer will go above and beyond to create the Wedding cake of your dreams. This Gold Coast based Wedding cake designer started her business in 2010 and now Bree chats to us about all things delicious at The Cake That Ate Paris and shares some of her favourite images of her remarkable creations.

"I thrive on creating beautiful edible works of art for couples." Bree - The Cake That Ate Paris

Take us back to the beginning - how did it all start for The Cake That Ate Paris? I am a qualified chef and had been working as a pastry chef for the past few years and leaning the tricks of the trade and how to make Wedding cakes. One day my then boyfriend (now husband) & I decided to quit our jobs, buy a Kombi and travel around Australia. Fast forward to when we returned and I finally had the courage to step out on my own and create what is now The Cake That Ate Paris!

What can TCTAP offer to Brides & Grooms on their Wedding day? Hopefully the cake of their dreams! Something beautiful to look at but also delicious on the inside.

Did you always know that you would become a Cake designer? No not at all! When I was young, the first thing I remember saying that wanted to be was a clown....then a florist....then I became a chef which I loved and then my love for cake decorating grew from there.

Can you share one of your favourite cake experiences with us? I was recently aproached by Julia Rose (florist) to make some little cakes for a shoot she was doing with 3 drag queens with massive flower head pieces she was making them. I made each of them a cake to match their outfits, all covered in glitter and edible beads etc. My vision was to have them drapped over a lounge just devouring the cakes and feeding each other...which is exactly what they ended up doing!!! There are some great photos and I can't wait to share them!!! I loved it because it was something out of the ordinary for me, it's good to change things up every now and then!

Try to get an idea of the designs that you like. Search on Instagram or Pinterest to figure out which styles are your favourite. It's a good idea to start the cake journey once you have your venue booked...I find things start to flow once you've decided where the wedding will be.

From there, know how many people the cake needs to feed and if you are also having dessert or if the cake will be served as dessert. Once I have given couples a rough idea on price, then we arrange a consult to go through things in more detail and also the best part which is the tasting!

Favourite design? I love to make fondant cakes adorned with beautiful sugar flowers.

What's the best thing about what you do? I get to work from home.....sometimes in my ugg boots... and bake cake all day!! Apart from that, I thrive on creating beautiful edible works of art for couples. It's very rewarding when you get that email back from your Bride saying that the cake was her favourite part of the day, and that they ate the leftovers for breakfast in bed the next day!! And believe me, breakfast is the best time to eat leftover cake!!


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