From a garage studio in her family home to preparing her floral designs in a collaborative warehouse space on the South Coast of NSW, Elyza from Ivy Lane Collective tells us how her passion for all things floral provides peace of mind for her couples.

Elyza started Ivy Lane Florals back in Feb 2015. Travelling between Nowra and Sydney for work sitting on a train running through all the combinations of words she loved for a business name. And it just stuck. "I had been working in the industry already for five years, starting back in 2010 in my school days at a local Florist in Nowra sweeping floors and emptying buckets. I went on to do a floral traineeship where I studied for a year through Tafe. Although, I will argue that most of what I have learnt came from working in the shop and on the job site." Elyza tells of how it all began for the beautiful floral design business - Ivy Lane Collective. 
"I worked for an amazing large scale floral and events company based in Sydney for 3 years as their head floral designer giving me huge insight and experience on top of the knowledge I already had giving me the confidence to leap into Ivy Lane Florals. I started off doing gift bunches and Weddings for friends and not really reaching out to the public eye at that stage as I was still working with the floral and events company.

I was set up at my parents house in a tiny little studio they converted for me from the garage. It was beautiful but already too small at that stage. In August 2017 when I left there, I jumped in both feet and knew the business had more potential and I wanted to drive it further. Thus changing its name last year to ‘Collective’. Allowing the Ivy Lane team to offer a few more services and room to grow over the next few years to come. I am now based out of a beautiful big warehouse space, which is also a collective space used for many different collaborations and events.
➳ Tell us about what IVY LANE COLLECTIVE can provide couples for their Wedding day? Ivy Lane provides piece of mind, beautiful hand selected fresh blooms, design concepts and variety. With the large range of experience in all different size and styles of events, there really isn’t a job too big or small we haven’t been able to do. We understand that all Weddings are different but of course take inspiration from some, each needs to be unique though just like the couple its created for.

We are able to do everything from large hanging installations down to the most delicate and intricate buttonholes.
➳ Did you always know that you wanted to design bespoke Wedding florals? This has definitely been a style that has evolved with me throughout my career. As I am sure most artists would find. Looking back on my earlier days as a shop florist, I was so sheltered to how creative the world of floristry really could be. I knew though that my style was different as I would struggle to stay within the typical guidelines of how to make flowers look. And was so lucky to have had such an amazing and encouraging boss and role model to help show me this.

I can now easily say that my creative passion lies with designing for these once in a lifetime style events. Making a couples' day with beautiful blooms is my favourite part. Although every now and then it is nice to pull back and create a stunning gift bouquet. 

Life behind all of this prettiness is chaotic and totally not pretty sometimes - but still always the best fun! The reality of a florist is awful nails, constant bags from long hours, aching body, slightly homeless looking and lives off snacks (lollies mainly) 

➳ What advice would you offer to a couple? I think that it is really important to find someone you connect with and that understands your style. Take the time to look through their work and see if the style aligns with yours.

➳ Do you have a personal favourite style? I do love a beautiful garden style Wedding, but can never seem to go past the dark rich colours of the burgundy, deep reds and chocolate’s. Just seems I always end up holding these tones without realising at the markets.

Styled Wedding Shoot - Ivy Lane Collective X Mowgli Studio from Marcus Rusbourne Media on Vimeo.
➳ Please tell us about the best part about what you do: Hands down the best part about what I do is making people happy and dealing with loved up couples all the time. I also love that my workplace is constantly changing. Although I may be in the office or visit a venue more than once, I am generally at a different venue every weekend working with new clients and meeting new vendors. It is never boring!

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