“A Robe for Every Woman, Every Body, Every Love Story” Karin - Belle Mariee Boudoir Robes

Belle Mariee was established two years ago and was developed around the Australian Bridal industry, providing Special Occasion/Getting ready robes for Brides and their Bridal party.

what can BELLE MARIEE BOUDOIR ROBES offer Brides to-be for their Wedding day? The exclusive designs of Belle Mariee, are romantic creations designed for that memorial occasion. Our exquisite silk and French lace styles, blend modestly with timeless elegance, and they are a result of a continuous pursuit of perfection, simplicity and beauty. “A Robe for Every Woman, Every Body, Every Love Story”
did you always know that you wanted to design clothing? No, whilst I have always loved fashion, and lingerie, I never considered actually designing any garments, until I “fell in love” with getting ready robes.

do you have any stories that you would like to share from your experiences? Only that, experience has shown, that when you wear something you feel beautiful in, you are more likely to project confidence and positivity. Therefore, because our products feel and look so good, our customers can look forward to that special occasion confidently! Our styles aim to captivate everyone...
advice: Many Brides-to-be opt for usual, single-use bridal robes to wear on their Wedding day, but there are a few ways one can create a beautiful look and set oneself up for an elegant and luxurious pre-wedding shoot with your photographer that will be timeless and chic. Why not elevate your robe game and go for a truly beautiful piece that you can wear on your Wedding day, and throughout your honeymoon?

do you have a personal favourite style? My personal favourite is The Aurora lace robe. This beautiful robe is trimmed with a stunning patterned train, and is made from exquisite French Lace, featuring a breathtaking floral design with flirty scalloped edges along the neckline.
the best part about what you do: Holding a robe in my hands, and admiring my design, when I can pat myself on the back and say, “I did this”. I show it to my family, and they say in astonishment “You designed that?” and I say proudly “yes I did” Yes, now that’s a great feeling! But wait, that’s not the best thing. The very best thing is when I see a social media post, or receive a review with someone actually wearing a Robe, looking absolutely stunning! Ahhhhh. Success.
Belle Mariee Boudoir Robes
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