"I'm not afraid to stretch the limits if you want me to. I did a clown-show that turned into a surprise Wedding once... just saying..." Klara McMurray - The Funky Celebrant

When did you decide to become a Wedding celebrant? Back in 2014, after going to one too many Weddings with completely serious celebrants, I saw a friend's husband conduct a Wedding and he nailed it. I thought... holy s**t, that was awesome; I reckon I could do that too! So I signed up to do the cert IV and I was off and running before I'd even qualified. My first Wedding was a non-legal one for mates in Bali where I learnt a LOT about what I didn't know. But still, the Bride's mum came up to me afterwards and said: 'You've obviously done that a million times before' (along with other nice things). I admitted (quite pleased with myself) that it was my first. I knew I'd found my niche and there was no longer any doubt of what I wanted to be when I grew up!
What can you offer a couple for their Wedding day? The longer I do this gig, the more I learn about what it is that we, as individuals offer:
1  My personality. It's as simple and complicated as that. I always say that there are 1000's of celebrants in Australia so you may as well get someone that you click with and will reflect who you both are. So if you want someone solemn and serious, for goodness sake; don't get me!
But if you want someone relaxed, fun, funny and great at working off the cuff.... then I'm your gal!
2 My years of experience running my own business. It makes me super organised to OCD levels!!!

3 My background in cabaret and MC'ing. I'm in my element in front of a crowd, I'm quick-witted and when it comes to spontaneous banter, (either from the Wedding party OR the guests) well, now we're talking!!

4 The reassurance that I've been doing this for almost 5 years now. I've seen it all, both good and bad and can help with avoiding mishaps and remaining calm when things go a bit left-of-centre. I've got your back!

5 My ability to go wherever you want to take things... I'm not afraid to stretch the limits if you want me to. I did a clown-show that turned into a surprise Wedding once... just saying...
Did you always know that you wanted to be a Wedding celebrant? Not until I knew that they existed! For most of my adult life, I've been a performer in one form or another and also worked in events... so becoming a celebrant has always felt like I've pulled together the last 20 years or so of adulting to finally find the job that utilizes all of my skills and loves and rolled them up into one very neat, super-fun job... that never really feels like a job at all!

Do you have any stories that you would like to share from your experiences? Hmmmm I've got a million but I'm trying to think of a story that results in a learning experience, I'll just cut to the learned experience and say: This day is for you both. Not your parents, your Wedding party or your guests. Make it what YOU both want and make sure it reflects the people that you are. Don't stress too much about what colour table cloths to use, or whether there should be table cloths at all. Try not to listen to everyone's 'tips and advice'; it'll drive you nuts.

Be strong, be real and use your celebrant for back-up if you need. And if you don't think you'll be able to keep out all the noise, have a surprise Wedding! They're awesome!!!

Advice: I'd suggest you find a site that reflects your kind of values. Whether it be vintage, eco, modern, same-sex, what ever. Have a scroll through and when someone stands out, email them for their quote and spiel and see if you still like the cut of their jib. If so, organise a catch-up (even if it's via skype or facetime) and decide from there if they're going to be right for you both. I would NOT suggest meeting several celebrants before making a decision as I don't think this helps anyone. If anything, it confuses things and takes up a lot of time. Go through the process one at a time, it'll be a much easier, richer experience; trust me!
Do you have a personal favourite style of ceremony? The relaxed, funny, chilled out kind. I like it when guests feel they can interject with what ever they've got, and when my couple feel relaxed enough to enjoy themselves and forget that what they're doing is kind of a big deal... My favourite feedback is when my clients say that they had a fabulous time and when guests ask how I know the couple... boom. Nailed it!
Best part about what you do: Well that's a hard one as there are so many elements that I love..
The dressing up
Going to gorgeous places to marry people
Being surrounded by love
Entertaining crowds
Having the freedom to do (almost) what ever a couple want to make the day theirs...
But if I had to pick an absolute favourite, it's the trust that a couple put in me. The stories they share, their fears, joys, questions... the journey we go though is always humbling and I will never stop appreciating that element of what I do.
Klara McMurray - The Funky Celebrant
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