"Some Brides spend more than others on their gown and I want to offer all Brides lovely, good fitting gowns whatever their budget." Geraldine - Q'Nique Bridal

how and when was Q'NIQUE & L'WREN EXQUISITE BRIDAL WEAR born? Q’nique was born in 2012. L’Wren was added in in 2014 and now we also have ELKE, our most recent addition to the Q’nique brand.

All our gowns are sold through selected bridal retail outlets throughout Australia and U.K.

The Designer, Geraldine Quinnell, (me!!) has had a lifetime of experience in Bridal wear, starting by making couture gowns for individual Brides. I then designed for international and national bridal labels for 15 years which led to starting my own label, Q’nique. I design every gown and they are made to my exact specifications. I have tried to bring a couture look to this label with my choice of gorgeous fabrics, decoration and with close attention to good fitting and construction of these gowns.
L’Wren began with a desire to manufacture gowns within Australia and offer a more fashion orientated style. I introduced separates and boho styling into this label. And they have been very popular for Brides having a more relaxed and informal type of wedding.

Elke, my newest label, is a back-to-basics bridal label, offering mainstream bridal styles at affordable prices. Some Brides spend more than others on their gown and I want to offer all Brides lovely, good fitting gowns whatever their budget.

what can Q'NIQUE & L'WREN EXQUISITE BRIDAL WEAR offer a Bride to-be for their Wedding day? While we don’t offer an entirely custom made service, we can, for example, make gowns in split sizes. A Bride may fit size 10 in the top of a gown but need a size 14 for their hip measurement. We do this at a very small extra cost to the Bride. Our stores are very good at recommending the correct sizes to order for their Brides. We also can offer small changes to the style of gowns; we can take the bodice of one gown and put it with a skirt from another style, or add sleeves to a sleeveless gown to create an individual look for a Bride.
did you always know that you wanted to design Bridal couture? I loved designing clothes from a very early age and began sewing at 11. I studied at the London College of Fashion and then sewed Bridal gowns for friends and my career just went on from there.

do you have any stories that you would like to share from your experiences? Brides who have chosen a very unusual gown, such as all black silk taffeta for a morning Wedding in Kings Park, WA, or one who had an 8 metre, richly embroidered and beaded, train for a wedding in Jakarta with 2000 guests always pop up in my memory when I am asked questions like this!
advice: Where to start!!!

To the Bride - Don’t be rigid in your thinking, allow yourself to be guided by your experienced sales consultant and put on different styles to find which one’s suit your body shape best.

Don’t take too many people to your appointments, maybe just your Mum/Dad/close relative and your closest friend, others can wait to see your choice of gown on the big day.

I really want to offer advice to Mums/Dads/Relatives of brides and Friends of brides too.

To the Mums/Dads/Significant Relative - Allow your loved one to her to choose the bridal gown SHE wants. Don’t be critical (sadly happens all too often) show your love for your daughter/niece/sister in your admiration for her in the gown of HER choice.

To the Friends/bridesmaids – It’s the brides day, not yours. Your STRONG opinions are not helpful. If you can tell that your friend likes a gown, one that you wouldn’t choose, don’t be critical of it. I have many times seen brides reduced to tears by the attitude of the person/people that they have brought with them to choose a gown.
do you have a personal favourite style? I love gowns with colours, pattern and textures. I wish Wedding gowns generally were more colourful, it’s such a day of celebration, the gowns should reflect that. Some Brides are starting to want colour in their gowns and I hope that trend grows.

please tell us about the best part about what you do: The best part is knowing that I have spent practically every working day of my life doing what I love. I also have met and worked with so many amazing and talented people, it’s been such a wonderful experience.
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