Campbell Spencer Bridal is run by Emily Campbell and Charley Spencer, a Perth-based duo with over a decade in the fashion business. The label focuses on versatile separates and ready-to-wear gowns, shipping worldwide from their online store.

How and when was CAMPBELL SPENCER BRIDAL born?
Charley: Campbell Spencer Bridal was actually born when Emily got married a few years back. We’d known each other for many years, but didn’t team up until then.

Emily: I was searching for a dress, and as someone who was pretty familiar with (non-bridal) Australian fashion, I was surprised at the abundance of poorly made, synthetic, imported dresses. I wanted something fitted and elegant with ‘options’ that could transform into a different look after the ceremony - and I realised Charley and I could do it better (and for less) than what I might otherwise end up with.
What can CAMPBELL SPENCER BRIDAL offer a Bride to-be for their Wedding day?
Charley: I think we can offer something really timeless and elegant. We’ve looked at the evolution of bridal design over the last 60 or 70 years and drawn from those elements that have really stood the test of time, to try to create something as enduring as the occasion it’s for.

Emily: We can also offer bridal pieces made from beautiful quality silk, and handmade locally, at a pretty unexpected price point. Unexpected in a good way!
Did you always know that you wanted to be a Bridal designer?
Charley: I think we’ve both always been drawn to fashion, but the change to bridal design happened more gradually. I studied fashion and textiles at Curtin and then RMIT, and went on to work in higher-end Australian fashion for many years. The transition to bridal was kind of an organic process I guess – being able to create ‘slow fashion’ and to have a hand in everything from making the pattern to sewing on the final embellishments makes it really rewarding.

Emily: I originally studied Law so it definitely wasn’t something I always knew. I think the older I got, the more I realised I needed to love my work - and I couldn’t imagine enjoying any job more than this one.

Do you have any stories that you would like to share from your experiences?
Emily: We’ve only had good experiences so far! Working with women has been amazing – in terms of both our clients and the other businesses we’ve worked alongside. We’ve found so many women who’ve been willing to use their time and talents to uplift other women in business. There seems to be an amazing comradery amongst female entrepreneurs and I hope we’ve contributed to that!
Charley: It’s ok to expect the best, even if you aren’t spending the most. Smaller local brands can offer amazing design-work and quality without the mark-ups associated with wholesalers, importing and large stores - so if you’re happy to forego the ‘large store’ experience you might find something amazing.

Do you have a personal favourite style?
Emily: Anything well-fitted and simple, but with a touch of grandeur. I love seeing a classic, elegant dress transformed with an intricate lace train or cathedral length veil.

Charley: When a piece is quite understated the quality of the fabric and the design can really shine through, and I think there’s really something to be said for taking a simple thing and doing it in the most luxurious way.

Best part about what you do:
Emily: Vicariously experiencing the joy of brides-to-be when they fall in love with a dress. It’s one of those moments when it all becomes real for the Bride, and seeing that transformation is something I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of.
about the second shoot
The location was in and around the beautiful heritage listed Kidogo Arthouse in Fremantle, built in 1884 as a dangerous-goods store for kerosene. We loved the contrast of the rough old timber and stonework against the delicate silks and lace.

We shot a few long-running pieces and a few new tops and veils. There was an emphasis amongst the new pieces on shorter sleeves (capped and t-shirt sleeves), fitted waists and tie-backs. This gave the new looks a more relaxed and playful aesthetic that meshes well with natural and outdoor settings.

It was a conscious decision of ours early on not to adhere to the traditional two-collections-a-year model, but instead to slowly add new pieces to our running collection based on what we're inspired by (and by what our brides are inspired by!). This allows us to spend more time and resources perfecting each piece, and means our collection is a sort of sustainable evolution - and a move away from fast fashion.

first shoot
Photographer: Lana Rae Photography @lanaraephoto
Makeup: Pia Donaldson @painted_bypia
Hair: Deborah Jack Campbell @deborahjackcampbell
Location: Fridays Studio West Perth @fridaysstudio
Styling: Meghan Smith
Accessories: Varga Girl @thevargagirls

second shoot
Photographer: Tamara Perrozzi
Hair: Maggie Predojevic, Arimah Hair
Models: Summer Holl, Hollie Tran
Location: Kidogo Arthouse

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