"We think its important couples choose not only a venue, but hosts who feel right or are a good match for them." Sandy - Craigie Knowe Vineyard

How and when did Craigie Knowe Vineyard come to be? Craigie Knowe, the property, was built in the 1840’s by the Amos family, original Scottish settlers of the area, and who’s descendants still live next door. It holds its original name from being built on a rocky hill or craggy knoll. It was built for the second generation and remained in the family until the 1970s.

Craigie Knowe, the vineyard, was established in 1979 and is the oldest vineyard in the area. The original owner was a dentist, John Austwick who travelled up to the vineyard each weekend with his family to toil away at the vines. He was passionate about Cabernet Sauvignon and was quite a pioneer of the time, with many people thinking he was crazy to plant vines…many farmers followed suit in the years that followed! John reluctantly retired in 2009, selling to a wealthy American gentleman, who was passionate about Tasmania, but who only tended the vines for a couple of years before placing the property on the market. We came along in 2013, to a very run down vineyard, however passion and loads of hard work has paid off and we now enjoy and work in our own little slice of paradise.

Tell us about what Craigie Knowe Vineyard can offer a couple for their Wedding day? Craigie Knowe can offer warmth and friendship for any couple on their Wedding day. We are family owned and take pride in personally looking after our guests. We offer an intimate, rustic setting within the cellar door of 40 seated or 60-70 standing, or alternatively have space for a marquee or similar outside. Couples can engage the services of a wedding planner if they wish, or take a more hands on approach. We have a number of ceremony locations on the property and beautiful surrounds for photos. Being on the east coast of Tasmania, Craigie Knowe is surrounded by beautiful beaches and the outstanding Freycinet National Park.

Did you always know that you wanted to manage a Wedding + function venue? We opened our cellar door 14 months ago and the feeling the space has created has been a surprise even to us. Visitors were always commenting on what a beautiful Wedding venue it would make and so it just seemed to be the natural next progression to “take the plunge” and just do it! We have always had such a can-do attitude and love to create beautiful experiences for our cellar door guests and so felt why not extend that to a Wedding or event.


Do you have any stories that you would like to share from your experiences?
We have had heaps of business and customer experience however had no experience in Weddings. Our desire to cross our t’s and dot our I’s meant engaging a Wedding planner to assist us in setting up our processes was the natural thing to do. Lisa Artaud from Artaud and Co has been fabulous in this regard. Couples can come and see what we have on offer and then read our brochure, FAQs and Terms and Conditions to make sure this is the place for them.

What advice would you offer to Nearly Weds who are just starting out on their search for the perfect venue? We think its important couples choose not only a venue, but hosts who feel right or are a good match for them. Getting married is such a special occasion, the venue needs to provide more than just “bricks and mortar”, but more importantly has to create warmth and comfort and has to be “in sync” with who the couple are to really make a meaningful experience.

What is the best part about what you do: Life is busy, however, working at Craigie Knowe amongst the vines hardly ever feels like work.

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