"I love being given the opportunity to create something beautiful with a blank canvas and knowing my brides are happy inspires me to continue doing what I love." Amy - Amy Hanneman Makeup

Take us back to the beginning of it all for you - How and when was AMY HANNEMAN MAKEUP born? I first started working in makeup assisting Bridal makeup artists on the weekends, whilst working full-time in a law firm back in the day. After doing this for sometime, I decided I wanted to expand my knowledge and went on to study an intense Diploma of Makeup Artistry to gain the qualifications and knowledge needed with all facets of makeup. When I went out on my own as a freelance artist, I made sure I never said no to a job! I took on all sorts of clients to gain as much experience in dealing with different faces and makeup styles/trends as possible. With this dedication, my client base expanded rapidly and soon enough I left my role in the law firm and turned to makeup artistry full time, I haven't looked back since.

➳ What can AMY HANNEMAN MAKEUP offer a Bride to-be for their Wedding day? Something that I pride myself on is offering each of my Brides a personal, tailored experience. No two women are the same, and as such each bride's wedding day to me is treated uniquely. From the time I receive the first email, up until the time I have a bride ready to walk down the aisle, I ensure I offer my brides ALL of me. I see their wedding day as if it were one of my closest friends or family members, and aim to ensure everything runs smoothly for them the morning of, going beyond the makeup. Something I pride myself on that does differ, is I love to be with my brides until they are dressed and ready to go. I don't just do the "makeup" and leave. I LOVE seeing their vision come together, and being readily available to assist bridesmaids in getting themselves ready after having hair and makeup done also! It's going above and beyond for each of my brides that I feel makes the difference, and the experience a memorable one. Seeing them glowing with happiness means so much to me!

➳ Did you always know that you wanted to be a makeup artist? From a very early age I always loved Art. I would sit for hours happily painting and drawing as a child, with a favourite treat from my parents being pencils, paints and blank canvases to paint on. I never envisioned myself as a makeup artist growing up. It wasn't until I experienced a huge life change personally that I felt ready to make the transition into becoming a makeup artist and pursuing something I really enjoyed. I was ready to break away from the corporate world and give it everything I had. With the assistance of colleagues in the industry, their strong encouragement saw me believe I could turn my passion into a career.

➳ What keeps you inspired along the way? My beautiful Brides! With this industry, obviously extremely early morning starts (often prior to 5am!) are a given, I love meeting bridal parties and enjoy spending my mornings with them. I am inspired by women from all walks of life, not just in the bridal industry. I am inspired most by anyone who has the desire to strive for something they want to achieve, and can make it happen. No bridal party is ever the same, so I genuinely do not face repetition which makes every day exciting. I love learning so many different things from each individual who sits in my chair. I love being given the opportunity to create something beautiful with a blank canvas and knowing my brides are happy inspires me to continue doing what I love.
➳ Do you have any stories that you would like to share from your experiences?Ahh plenty of stories! The ones that do come to mind are the stories with beautiful outcomes. Seeing friends or family members on Weddings I have done who have either been struck by illness or an impairment and seeing a total change in their confidence once their makeup is done. It's not just about makeup, it's allowing people to see themselves in a different light and carrying an amazing sense of self that may have been lost by unfortunate circumstance. I often laugh, cry and feel a part of my Brides' families when seeing it all come together and those are the moments I treasure most.

➳ What advice would you offer to a Bride that is just starting out on their search for the perfect Wedding makeup? Don't try new or outrageous things when it comes to your Wedding day! If you love a natural makeup look, don't be swayed into having something bold beyond your comfort zone just because it's "on trend" or you have seen it on social media. I am such a strong advocate in advising Brides to 'STAY TRUE TO YOU'. Don't feel intimidated by what you see on social media in feeling you need to replicate a particular trend to have the perfect day. When you feel confident, it shines, so steer clear of things you may not necessarily be drawn to just because you think it's the "in thing". If you love wearing your hair down, wear it down. If you love a bold lip daily, do so for your Wedding. I consult with each of my Brides in detail to ensure all of these bases are covered prior to creating their Wedding day makeup look.
➳ Do you have a personal favourite style? I find that my clients are definitely a mixed basket when it comes to their preferences for makeup. My personal favourite style, is definitely natural, glowing skin, beautifully brushed up brows and gorgeous earthy tones. I love having fun and experimenting with clients when asked to create so many different looks, I do find that I am always drawn most to achieving a beautiful, glowy look when given free reign!

➳ What is the best part about what you do: I genuinely feel extremely blessed to be doing what I love most each and every day. There is nothing I love more than walking the journey with many of my Brides, meeting them when they are newly engaged for a makeup session, all the way through to their Wedding day, baby showers and with many of them, celebrations post arrival of children! It is amazing to be a part of their lives through all of the momentous occasions and watching them grow. Alongside this, I LOVE seeing a woman radiate with confidence after having their makeup done. I do believe beauty begins on the inside, and with a little confidence on the out, it is amazing to see them so happy with the outcome. I love knowing I have made someone feel amazing. I have built amazing friendships with women who once sat in my makeup chair as a client, and am grateful to have this opportunity each and every day.
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