Sydney based bridal makeup artist, Ash specialises in an holistic approach to bridal styling and wants you to feel like yourself on your special day with makeup that will go the distance. With a background in television production, Ash shares her expert advice and inspiration with you.

How and when was ASH QUINN MAKEUP ARTISTRY born? I was working full time as an Executive Producer in the television and digital media space and I was really missing the creative side of things. I decided to do a makeup course just for my own interest and as a hobby, but it grew into a passion and new career from there.

"Part of my job on the day isn’t just making sure everyone’s makeup looks amazing but I think also making sure everyone stays as calm and relaxed as possible." Ash - Ash Quinn Makeup

What can ASH QUINN MAKEUP ARTISTRY offer a Bride to-be for their Wedding day? The feedback I seem to get most from my Brides falls into two categories - my style and my approach. I think Bridal makeup should enhance the Bride, not take over. You don’t want your partner to not recognise you. You want to feel like yourself, just a more polished version. It also has to go the distance. Wedding days can be long (and sometimes emotional) so the makeup needs to stand up to that and still look good on the dance floor at the end of the evening.
The other thing would be my approach. I think my background in television production, particularly working in live broadcast environments, means I’m no stranger to timelines, unexpected events, working with different personalities and the need for good communication, being flexible and creating a relaxed environment (even if things aren’t going exactly to plan.) Being in the makeup chair should be an enjoyable and relaxing part of wedding preparation but it's also in the organisation and lead up to the day. There is so much to plan with weddings that I want all of a brides dealings with me to be easy, clear and prompt so they aren’t waiting days for an answer if they have any questions or need something. One less thing to worry about!

Did you always know that you wanted to be a makeup artist? I’ve always liked creative type hobbies like art but to be honest, being a makeup artist never really occurred to me. You’d probably think I’d be a really girly girl who loved makeup from a young age but that wasn’t the case for me. I wore it, sure, but I never thought much about it. It wasn’t until I was working with makeup artists on sets all the time that it really sparked my interest in beauty and it grew from there.
 Do you have any stories that you would like to share from your experiences? I rarely do a wedding where something eventful doesn’t happen. Some good, some touching, some funny and some not so good. I’ve had brides veils fly off in the air and out of view moments before walking out the door, handwritten love notes, surprise guests from overseas turning up at the prep, dress dramas, missing bouquets. I’ve seen it all! Luckily even with the things that don’t always go to plan, there is usually a solution. Part of my job on the day isn’t just making sure everyone’s makeup looks amazing but I think also making sure everyone stays as calm and relaxed as possible. I think my experience with producing live television has really helped me to be able to work under pressure and keep the team together, and wedding days can be very much like that!

Advice: I think the best place to start is with a clear idea of what makeup style you’re looking for. There are so many great makeup artists but each has their own signature style, so make sure you pick out one that feels right for you. Reach out to the one(s) that you’re interested in for a quote and get a vibe for them when they reply. For me, I can tell a lot about a potential client from their email manner, so if you get a reply that leaves you feeling a bit “meh” pay attention to that. Your Wedding day is a big and personal day, so you want to make sure you are surrounded by suppliers you like and feel confident with. Also make sure their quote and any additional information they give you is very clear as to what is included, what isn’t etc. Transparency and communication are very important.
➳ Do you have a personal favourite style? For Brides it would definitely be glowing skin, a sculpted cheek, soft but defined eyes with fluffy, full lashes.

➳ Please tell us about the best part about what you do: This one is easy! The best part about what I do is making people feel beautiful. Nothing makes me happier than the moment a client sees their makeup in the mirror for the first time and they love it. A lot of my clients don’t wear much makeup, or don’t have it done professionally, so can be a bit nervous about the outcome but when they love what they see, and feel great about themselves, nothing beats that! Being apart of one of the happiest days of people’s lives is also really special. I do weddings almost every week, but I always remind myself that this is probably the most important day of their lives to date, they’re marrying their person, and that is so special. 
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