The Ranch Byron Bay caters for those who love the thrill of adventure and don't mind stepping out of their comfort zone. Offering one hour horseback trail rides in The Enchanted Forest, horse riding on the beaches of Byron Bay, Hens and Bucks activities, and now their three day Mountain Lodge Experience as well as stunning horses for photoshoots and Weddings.

How and when was THE RANCH BYRON BAY born? The Ranch Byron Bay (TRBB) started as a seed when I was a child. My Mother would have to work very hard as a self employed potter when I was growing up, so she would send me away to a place called Dealbata in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast on the weekends and holidays. This was the best thing that could have happened to me as a young person, as my love for horses was deep and unexplainable and I yearned to be with them. Dealbata was an Endurance Ranch and we would spend all day in the saddle riding through the wilderness. I knew that this was the kind of work that I wanted to as an adult and now after all these years this dream is a reality, to facilitate the the horse/human connection in nature.

what can THE RANCH BYRON BAY offer a couple for their Wedding day? We have absolutely beautiful Andalusian horses as well as other breeds. These horses can carry Bride and even Groom down the aisle and/or be used for photos. We can cater to Hen's and Buck's parties as well as romantic beach or forest rides for 2 (which have been known to turn into marriage proposals)

what is a day like in a life on the ranch? Rise and shine early, call up the horses for their feed, catch the horses for the days ride, load them onto the truck/float and head to the beach or the hills. Mostly we ride, with beginners or experienced riders. Often we will take the saddles off and swim the horses bareback in the ocean (weather permitting) some days we will head to the hills for our full day Wilderness trek, or our 3 day Mountain Lodge Experience.

do you have any stories that you would like to share from your experiences? 5 years ago my beautiful Mare Naorlia was due to foal, to me it's very important to be there when they foal, 1. to keep an eye on them 2. to imprint the foal at birth. This sets up the foundation of training and connection for life. So my mare and friend were not girls to go overdue in pregnacy. However this time they both were. My dear friend, Callum Snell who's a Legendary horseman around these parts stayed to look after Naorlia and I went up to be with my friend for the birth of her 4th child. However, days went passed and her baby didn't come, I felt torn, wanting to be there for my friend and for Naorlia. Finally the baby came and the next day I went home. Call it a coincidence or prehaps Naorlia was waiting for me to come home, as that night her foal Mandela was born at 3am, I woke up suddenly and looked out my bedroom door and saw Naorlia lying down and a little wet Mandela behind her, I hurried down and his back feet were still inside her (sorry about the visuals) he has been with me ever since as well as his siblings, what a love affair! 

tell us about the best part about what you do: Sometimes when people come to ride, at first I can see that they are terrified, I encourage them to keep breathing and allow the tension to drain out of their body through their feet. You see the more tense a person is the more likely it is for them to come off. I have a wonderful feeling that I have helped someone when I see them start to let go, and go with movement of the horse, as they allow the horse to carry them, they let go of their fears, and start to ride. This gives me an immense feeling of satisfaction.


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