"I love everything about jewellery. The stories, the creative process, the Instagram tags!" Leah - Hello Lovers Australia

Hello Lovers Jewellery was born in a barn in Pakenham, where Leah sewed debutante dresses for her friends after finishing year 12. Since those early days starting out in the fashion business, she always loved making jewellery pieces to match the gowns. A few years after working in that barn, Leah managed to launch a bridal store as her first business, Leah S Designs.

"Jewellery was always my second love. In April 2017, after 15 years in fashion at my bridal shop, I reinvented myself by launching an exclusive jewellery shop: Hello Lovers Jewellery Australia. I realized that my true passion was to make Australian-made, bohemian, effortless jewellery for my customers.
➳ What can HELLO LOVERS JEWELLERY offer a Bride to-be for their Wedding day? Hello Lovers Jewellery offers the care free Australian bride unique pieces that cannot be found anywhere else. My pieces are designed in custom colours like gold, rose gold and black. For a truly dazzling wedding, I can even work with the wedding planning team to suggest matching pieces for your wedding dress and bridal party. My pieces are classic, in that they can be worn equally well at your wedding and at future events. Our prices are pretty awesome too.

➳ Did you always know that you wanted to be design jewellery? I was drawn into the jewellery business after working in bridal fashion, and realizing that there is a lack of quality, handmade and affordable bridal jewellery in Australia.

I got into this business after making many jewellery pieces to match the bridal fashion that I sold at my shop. Eventually, I had made so many jewellery pieces by hand that I teamed up with a talented Australian wholesaler to produce my designs.

➳ What keeps you inspired along the way? My number one inspiration are my beautiful brides. They have always kept me inspired, even at the start of my journey when I lacked the confidence and self-belief. Even today, my biggest thrill is to be tagged on Instagram by my brides! It is the biggest complement I receive! 

➳ Do you have any stories that you would like to share from your experiences? Being in the wedding business for fifteen years means that I have heard a lot of stories! Don’t believe everything you hear. I once heard a husband had been eaten by a crocodile (this was not true!). Another time, I heard that a bride hated her dress so much that she decided to get married naked! Some time ago, we heard of three brides that were scammed into fake marriages.

My favourite stories will always be the ones about true love. Thankfully, these happen all the time. Just last week, a bride and groom visited my shop to buy wedding jewellery. The groom told me he had proposed on their first date. These are the stories that keep me going!
➳ What advice would you offer to a Bride that is just starting out on their search for the perfect Bridal accessories? I always advise brides to choose one feature item and build the entire jewellery design from there. For example, go for a show stopping pair of earrings such as our romance earrings. Then choose a simple hair piece and necklace.

For couples that have a tighter budget, I always advise that it is better to get one quality piece of jewellery, like a gorgeous pair of earrings, than a cheap set of necklace’s, earrings, bracelets, and tiara. Trust me, this will just cheapen your whole look.

Once you have chosen your jewellery, don’t forget to make time to try on your accessories with your dress before the wedding date. Ideally, this should all be done at your dress fitting.
➳ Do you have a personal favorite style? My personal style is dressing for the occasion. If I am going to be a guest at a wedding, I prefer a more subtle style, like the tear drop collection. I wouldn’t want to be more blinged up than the bride.

If I'm going to a fashion event, I can glam things up with a gold statement piece like the Melbourne lux headband. Sometimes, you have to amp it up, especially when you want to compete with all the other fashionistas out there!

➳ What is the best part about what you do: Being a business owner means that I get to work at my own pace, in my own rhythm. I work my own hours and enjoy perfecting an ever more perfect work-life balance. I love both developing my own products together with my wonderful employees, as well as meeting other creative people and exchanging ideas.

I love everything about jewellery. The stories, the creative process, the Instagram tags! And I hope you will love my jewellery at your wedding.

Hello Lovers Australia

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