Little Cocoa opened it’s doors in August 2018. Alicia started this business after working for many years as a pastry chef and really loved working with chocolate. "I thought there was an opportunity for artisan chocolates to be included in weddings and special events. I think couples are increasingly looking for something unique, fresh and memorable for their special day." Alicia Chapman - Little Cocoa

what can LITTLE COCOA offer a couple for their Wedding day? We offer a unique and modern take on bomboniere/wedding favours. Our standard bomboniere includes two hand-crafted chocolate pralines inside a white gloss box. We can also incorporate specific colour and flavour requests, I love experimenting with the look of the chocolates - the splatter of colours on the dark chocolate. There’s also an option to emboss a special message or the bride & groom's name and wedding date on the top of the box.We can also supply chocolate pralines for use on a dessert table.

what keeps you inspired along the way? Definitely when I make a batch of chocolate pralines without any flaws (the shell thickness is consistent, the cocoa butter colours are beautiful and overall the praline has a high gloss). But in saying that, that’s exactly what makes them so beautiful, when they are all individual and unique. I also keep inspired when a customer comes to me with a flavour or colour request. I get very excited to get into the kitchen and create it.

do you have any stories that you would like to share from your experiences? When I was living in Berlin two years ago, I found the most amazing chocolate shop that makes bean to bar chocolate. It was probably the first time I tasted bean to bar or anything like it - it was rich, smooth, cocoa-y and had a fruity aftertaste. That became my favourite little shop, and part of the reason why I started Little Cocoa. I want to be able to offer an experience like that to all my couples - that they and their guests can be amazed and delighted by an artisanal chocolate product.

do you have a personal favourite flavour? Anything tangy, and ironically not sweet. I make a chocolate praline that is filled with a tangy blackcurrant gelee and paired with a dark Vietnamese single origin ganache. I love it. That said, I enjoy experimenting with new flavours, such as a strawberry and lime praline that I’ve created exclusively for our Valentines Day range.

what is the best part about what you do: 100% when a customer is happy with their chocolates. It’s the best feeling. I may have even shed a little tear when my very first customer sent me a long thank you message and said how much he and his wife loved them.
Little Cocoa
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