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Originally from Melbourne, founder of Studio Botanic, Nadia ran her own business for 10 years before moving to Adelaide in 2009. Word had gotten out that she was in Adelaide and people approached Nadia to create flowers for their events. With a brand new baby, she wanted to do a few jobs to keep her hand in the industry and with one booking leading to another, it didn’t take long for Studio Botanic to turn into a full time job.

"I love the decadence of luxe blooms that you feel like you want to dive into and spend the night!" Nadia - Studio Botanic
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What can Studio Botanic offer a couple for their Wedding day?
I’m very passionate about creating a bespoke design that will stay on tread even when the wedding date is 12 months away. We cater every job to every client, so that the floral, which is such an important part of the aesthetic and mood for the whole day, really reflects the couple on a personal level. We are also incredibly passionate about the finer detail and the quality of our work. 

Did you always know that you wanted to be a floral designer?

Yes! I started working in a flowers shop when I did work experience 26 years ago. At the end of my week there, my boss asked me to stay on and I have worked in the industry every since!

What keeps you inspired along the way?
I draw so much inspiration from the amazing talented floral designers in Adelaide, Australia and across the world! There is so many wonderfully creative people out there, I cannot compliment them enough. Not only the florists, but stylists, and event planners. I also have to mention the flower farms here and across the world that keep producing stunning product for us create the arrangements we do. Seeing the new varieties, just make me want to build a concept so I can enjoy them in my craft.

Do you have any stories that you would like to share from your experiences?
One of my favourite and most challenging jobs was dressing the sculpture 'Spheres' (the Malls Balls) in Rundle Mall for Vogue Festival 2018. It was such a challenge to come up with a concept to cover a perfect, shining sphere to hold the weight of a crazy amount of blooms, and give the illusion they were cascading off onto the street. Along with the fact that they cannot be fixed, touched, or marked in any way. It was such a privilege to be trusted by Vogue Australia, the event planner Kirsty Langdon and the owner of the Balls - artist Burt Flugelman and his family, to make this concept come to life.

What advice would you offer a couple just starting out on their search for the perfect Wedding florals?
Keep to your theme. There are so many gorgeous themes and styles out there, it is easy to want everything. Do one thing, and do it well.


What is your own personal favourite style?

I love Modern Opulence. I love the decadence of luxe blooms that you feel like you want to dive into and spend the night!

What is the best part about what you do:
The end result! I love the whole process really, from meeting the client, forming a relationship of trust, building an idea, and then seeing their reaction to the finished product. I’m always nervous on every job to see their faces, but when they first walk into a room and see something they have been dreaming up for 12 months come to life, is priceless.

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