"We would travel 100's of kms for over 3 years to spend time with each other."
"Our fathers had been friends for many years, but as we live hours apart, Sari and I didn't meet until we were in our late teens and stayed a night with Sari's family on a roadtrip up north." Josh tells of how he met Sari. "We were in a long distance relationship for almost four years travelling 100's of kms to spend time with one another on weekends and holidays. Sari moved to my hometown a few months before I proposed." Josh tells.
"Josh had planned a trip to Western Australia to visit family in the spring of 2018, in a small seaside town called Kalbarri. Every night we would go to a different lookout to watch the sun set, and on our last night, we followed the pattern and stopped at a cliff face overlooking the ocean. Josh had emptied his pockets to fit a small flat ring box, which I had looked for before we left, thinking that maybe today would be the day, but I'd missed it. We talked for a while, sitting atop the face of the cliff and watching the sun set, and after we stood to leave, I turned to see him on one knee, asking if I would marry him, to which I absolutely said yes!" Sari beams.

Josh & Sari wanted engagement photos that were something a little bit different, because they had taken generic engagement pictures previously. By incorporating local handmade gowns and multiple outfit changes, they were able to bring out a series of pictures that stand apart from any that had been taken before.
"We wanted to incorporate dresses by a local dressmaker (Classic Couture Vintage and Bridal), andput them in a country environment to make them jump from the landscape. Putting notably elegant and fragile pieces of clothing in harsh landscapes make for the most incredible contrast, which I think made this shoot particularly striking. Every and any opportunity to put on handmade gowns is a highlight!" Sari grins.


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