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Lovestoned was first born in 2015 as Lovestoned bridal, a social media Instagram go to for brides to be inspired when it came to wedding styling and trends. Over the years, our audience grew along with our connections with bridal brands as we were promoting them and we started doing styled editorial shots to showcase upcoming trends and different ways brides could style their weddings.

From this we realised we had a passion for creating beautiful styled settings, and started to build up our decor collection. So over the past few years we worked hard on getting our styling brand ready to offer brides the ultimate luxe styled setting + launched our sister brand Lovestoned Styling in June 2018.

luxe wedding stylists styling decor ultimate planner
luxe wedding stylists styling decor ultimate planner catering
"We love that we can transform and create a little oasis and transport guests into another world."

Tell us about what lovestoned styling can offer a couple for their Wedding day?
Lovestoned can create it all to a styled neutral colour platte and florals to make your heart melt. With a wide selection of styling décor sourced from all over the world, paired to a selection of our carefully designed packages that will cater to your every need, the Lovestoned team will work together closely with you to make sure your day is truly one to remember.

We have designed set packages for your ceremony or reception or both, for couples who prefer to leave the set up to the professionals, and ensure that the day is stress free and that all your guests get to enjoy the day with no stress of setting up.
luxe wedding stylists styling decor ultimate planner
With each package chosen, Lovestoned offers concept and design, Luxe grazing tabes, floral design, décor and furniture hire, signage and on the day styling and full set up and pack down. Lovestoned Focuses in bringing the ultimate LUXE styling to your wedding day. Specalising in catering to specific styles, - Modern ethereal elegance - LA Luxe Palm springs vibe - Lush tropical Byron bay oasis - Boho infused Moroccan display or -Tuscan courtyard inspired romance

Do you have any stories that you would like to share from your experiences?
We remember all our brides by name. We adore them all as we have worked so closely with them in the lead up to creating the dream wedding. We love that all our brides that approach us as well have done their research and know what style we specialise in and give us a brief that is in line with our debut but also let us have creative control and direct them with what we feel would suit the day best.

You think that you know it all but after every wedding we always learn more on how to improve our services and what we would do different next time.
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We also find that when we meet with brides we are a source of guidance not just their stylist. As so many times we have to remind brides that they have to remember to take a minute to breathe and pause and zone everyone out.

We remind them that the beauty of having a stylist is to make the wedding day process enjoyable and smooth, and that quite often when brides think they can DIY a wedding due to saving costs that this isn’t always the case. By the time they add up the amount of time they have spent sourcing all the items and having to find storage and the cost, and then selling them after, and the fact that it can be stressful to have to set up the morning off and ask that your family and guests assist, it doesn’t allow you as the bride to fully relax and enjoy your day. As stylists we have almost all the items your after, and unlike the bride this isn’t our first wedding, we know what’s involved and expected and make the whole process so smooth and enjoyable.
emma wand photography  luxe wedding stylists styling decor ultimate planner
Pictures, are seriously everything to us as stylists. They are a source of inspiration, they are also good to see what trends are happening. We recommend to brides to spend a good month when their scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest or through that bridal magazine to save, take a photo or screenshot everything that they love and captures their attention, from table settings to the ceremony set up and even florals.

This helps us get an idea when we met up, what your attracted to as and over all style, and even if the bride says she still can’t decide what she likes best, once we go through the images we will see a pattern of what is popping up the most frequent and run with that. We will also ask, what colour clothes do they most often wear, and the styling or colour of their house, as that is a representation of them and we want the wedding day to feel like your simply surrounded by love and everything that represents the bride and groom.
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luxe wedding stylists styling decor ultimate planner

Do you have a prediction for any upcoming 2020 wedding styles?
We feel that florists are the ones who set trends and influence what the upcoming styles for what each upcoming wedding season will be. So often the colours and type flower sets a tone for whats to come. We think country rustic is well and truely done, and that Italy is really setting the bench mark for showcasing rustic in a new light to be more courtyard, worldly elegance with muted cream and green colour palate. So we are hoping to be seeing a lot of that popping though. Also the dried palm effect is still going strong. And we are thinking a lot of brides may be going for one main colour, but in 20 different shades.

We saw this recently when we posed up to byron to see what vendors were showcasing. Those byron folk really now how to set a trend and do things there own way. We also hope that brides will continue on with having weddings that are a lot more relaxed and not so structured and matching. We are finding this more and more when we set up, as we like to be organic and just let everything flow naturally.

Tell us about the best part about what you do:
Receiving the images back from the photographer is the most rewarding aspect out of our while job. Only because we visually get to see the bride and grooms reaction and how themselves and all their guests have enjoyed and become one with our setup. It makes all those hours of emails back and forth hours spent the day off and after and all the sweat worth it, when you get to see the final product and how much everyone has fallen in love with it.

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