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Rebel Reflect

Join the rebellion - Melbourne based wedding stationery designer Jo of Rebel Reflect officially started her business two years ago, leaving a full time job in advertising to pursue one of her hobbies (wedding stationery) as a full time gig. Jo had been making invitations for over ten years - in the decade better known as “love jobs”. "It was at a turning point in my career where I was asking myself what the hell was I doing with life and it was time to take control back. Loved it ever since." Jo tells.

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Tell us about what rebel reflect can offer a couple for their Wedding day? For party starters bored of traditional and ornate weddings and events, R&R’s take is a modern vibe for the rebel hearted. R&R is pretty much known for offering something different. I know everyone says that, but my intention for this brand is to push the envelope so to speak and bring a unique vibe to a couple’s big day. I prefer couples be genuine and bring some of their personality alight. So with that said, our main love is coming up with custom designs, this is where we get all the feels! We can organise from the save the date, to the wedding invitation suite and on the day stationery like signage and other printed d├ęcor, so you can rest assure the look is complete.

We are also good listeners and happy to listen to you vent out any craziness that’s happening before the big day! Advice is purely our own opinion....

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Do you have any stories that you would like to share from your experiences? 
I found the wedding industry to be very cliquey which was a major downer when starting out, though working in advertising you kind of gain a thick skin pretty quick. What you also find is some amazing people too, most are small businesses making a dollar and for that I’m grateful for the insta famous companies who are completely humble and give great advice. It’s in fact a small industry but once you make your types of people, that’s when the real fun begins. I’m forever in talks with other stationers, we offer advice both ways, which is why you should never ask a designer to copy someone else’s work! Most of the time we are all friends and have a mutual respect. There is that fine line between inspiration and copying but as I always say, you will never get the same look unless you go back to the original designer, they’re the ones that have put the time and effort into making it unique and you just can’t cut corners.

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Advice: When choosing your stationer, check out their work and see if it aesthetically sits with what you want. Check out their profile, website and tags. Don’t ask a stationer to be what they are not. If you are working with a custom design, don’t apologise if you don’t love it first round, it’s totes ok! Just give constructive criticism and you’ll get further along to the end result. Ask questions too, even if you don’t think your stationer would know, just ask, you never know, they may be able to help you or point you in the right direction.

Do you have a prediction for any upcoming 2020 wedding invitation styles? It’s fair to say millennial pink is still going strong but I believe using unusual substrates and textures is where next year will be heading. I’m designing a few emboss invitations at the moment and we are utilising textured paper that creates such a refined minimal aesthetic. I also think velvet will play a strong game and non-traditional floral components will play a part – I just saw dried figs just the other day, talk about epic! As a typical geek, I’d also like to see technology play a big part on that special day, think the glambot at the emmys and imagine it at your own wedding!

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Tell us about the best part about what you do: I love working with stylists and having free reign on concepts for invitations and on the day. I find when working with a stylist, a couple hands over more trust and therefore is more relaxed with the overall concept, which makes it easier to get things over the line. When couples come direct, some are less likely to leave their lane. Though the ultimate best part is being asked about a custom design, this is where the passion lays and I love to create something for a particular couple in mind. There’s no better satisfaction then when a couple receives their wedding goods and open it with such delight. Its like Christmas as a child!


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