recycled paper wedding invitations melbourne stationery designer
The She Who Loves venture of Chloe's began in 2014 when a close friend of hers asked if Chloe would create her wedding invitations. "I jumped at the chance and quickly realised my absolute love for all things paper and stationery! This continued when it was time to create my own 21st invitations. Whilst I enjoyed making them, I could never have expected the response I received. Suddenly I had people contacting me that had seen my invitations and wanted me to create their own! It felt like the right direction to take, so She Who Loves was born." Chloe tells.

"I absolutely love where this little idea of mine has ended up today!"

Tell us about what She Who Loves offer a couple for their Wedding day?
I try to make the whole process as easy and stress free as possible, I know that both brides and grooms have enough on their plate as it is, and being able to provide a smooth flowing service is essential! Most of my contact with clients is via email, which saves time (we don't have to worry about scheduling meeting) and makes correspondence super easy. Working mostly via email also allows me to work for clients all over the world, how crazy is that?!

recycled paper wedding invitations melbourne stationery designer

I've also recently made the decision to become more environmentally conscious through my business, so while we are only small, clients can rest easy knowing they are not contributing to unnecessary waste. All of our paper stock is either handmade recycled or FSC accredited.

Did you always know that you wanted to create design magic?
I've always known that being in the creative industry was in the cards, the "standard" 9-5 desk job, has never been for me! While I was completing my Bachelor of Graphic Design at University, I didn't really know what design path I wanted to go down. It wasn't until I created my first lot of wedding invitations for my gorgeous friend that I knew I'd found exactly what I wanted to spend my life doing!

recycled paper wedding invitations melbourne stationery designer

Do you have any stories that you would like to share from your experiences?

Network! Whether you're a bride or a business, I think it's sooooo important to network! There are heaps of fabulous wedding related groups on facebook that provide so many helpful tricks and ideas. They're also a really supportive community, so if you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed by wedding planning, and like no one around you knows how you're feeling, I can guarantee there's someone in one of these groups thats feeling the exact same thing, and there will be 200 others offering ideas, help and support.

recycled paper wedding invitations melbourne stationery designer

What advice would you offer to Nearly Weds who are just starting out on their search for the perfect wedding invites?

Invitations are important, so don't dismiss them! They are your guests first glimpse into your big day, and will generally set the tone of the day, while at the same time helping them prepare for your event, by providing them with essential information.

They also make a for a gorgeous keepsake afterwards when framed!

Lastly, make sure you provide your chosen designer with as much detail as possible, we're not mind readers! The more details you can give us regarding design style, colour scheme and theme, the better!

For more information on when to send invites and other frequently asked questions you can view my invitation FAQ page here: www.shewholoves.com.au/faqs

recycled paper wedding invitations melbourne stationery designer

ell us about the best part about what you do:
The best part of what I do is definitely getting to share in all the love! It is the best and most magical feeling knowing that I get to play a part in celebrating love. It honestly fills my heart with so much love, happiness and joy. I am sooooo lucky that I get to help so many people celebrate their love!


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