Brisbane based wedding planner + styling, Haus of Hera’s mission is to capture your vision and create an aesthetic that breathes a sense of magic and idealised beauty. "We have a passion for creating celestial weddings with an eye for balancing details and simplicity. We work closely with each individual couple to understand their vision and personal style to create a customised package and deliver a wedding that truly reflects them as a couple. 

We help build a concept and vision of your wedding and assist in the execution on the day to ensure each and every detail is seamless from start to finish. Haus of Hera also provides and styles opulent grazing feasts as an addition to wedding services.

stevie elle photography wedding planning stylist brisbane weddings tablescape floral designer

how and when was haus of hera events born?
I have always been intrigued by the way a stylist can transform a blank canvas or one that holds very little excitement and turn it into something magical. Haus of Hera was born only a year ago in December 2018. I always knew I wanted to be a part of the events industry growing up. From organising birthdays to helping my dad run his functions for his business. I knew that was the world I wanted to be consumed in.

"Haus of Hera offers couples a chance to break down the stressful barriers of wedding planning and styling to ensure that they create a wedding they can truly look back on and fall in love with more and more every time. "

Take is back ten years from now, I graduated from high school and enrolled in university to study events and business. I didn’t quite make it there as not long after that I ended up enlisting into the Army. I know what you’re thinking… weird right? It honestly is the best thing I could have ever one, it opened up the world to the na├»ve 17-year-old girl and completely changed me as a person and got me ready to tackle life.

It wasn’t until I started to plan my own wedding just over tow years that I realised I could potentially turn a great passion of mine into something other than just a hobby. I realised how much I actually enjoyed the buzz of planning and styling something truly special like a wedding and I still wanted to release that creative side in mine which is how Haus of Hera was born.

Find a wedding stylist you can truly connect with so that you can bounce off each other throughout the process. There is nothing worse than having that overarching pressure and stress of planning your dream day straight off the high of getting engaged. This is why finding a stylist that you get along with is really important. You want to be able to trust that they understand what really makes you unique as a couple and that they will be able to execute what you have envisioned on your special day perfectly. It truly is an investment to hire a stylist for your wedding. They can offer you so much advice on what you can tone down and potentially even save you a bit of money.
My other advice is to create a mood board from Instagram and Pinterest, stay true to yourself and what you dreamed of having as a wedding and don’t feel influenced by others. Work out your top priorities for your wedding and then figure out what elements are wants but not necessities. You will pretty much have your stylist on speed dial by the end!

stevie elle photography wedding planning stylist brisbane weddings tablescape floral designer
wedding planning stylist brisbane weddings tablescape floral designer

tell us about the best part about what you do:
Well, I’m very new to all of this so everything is just that bloody exciting to me. At this
point in time, I would have to say is the building of my business aesthetic and the networking of industry contacts and clientele. With every client I have booked so far this year and for next year, I feel so privileged that they have put trust in me to style and deliver such an important day that will remain so special to them for the rest of their lives. I am making sure I remain humble and I am so grateful for each and every couple so far giving me the chance to break into this industry that breathes some truly unique individuals.

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