how to re-plan your wedding day post covid 19
guest author: Tyneale Hahn Makeup Artist

What an epic + scary ride this has all been. As we move through the levels of Government Easing of Restrictions I do a little happy dance each time we take another step forward – and I am only a Makeup Artist! I can only imagine how relieved and excited all you beautiful couples are out there! As we move into our ‘new normal’ there will be changes to the way some services can operate – I know in beauty that I’ll be adopting the COVID 19 safe requirements within my new normal – but all in all, this is going to give you an extra safe perfect day!

how to re-plan your wedding day post covid 19

In this article I want to go through how to re-plan your Wedding Day, so let’s get going!

If you have a Bridal Journal start a new page (or if not get yourself a notebook to become your Bridal Bible), get yourself a blue and a red pen and write a list of all your Wedding Vendors. Write everything in blue but keep your red pen for ticking things off the list! This will make it clear at a quick glance what you have ticked off and what you have left to do. While you are at it, create a Re-Plan Wedding Folder in your email
inbox. Once you have actioned and dealt with each email move it there – your virtual red tick!

how to re-plan your wedding day post covid 19

Have you selected your new date?
If Yes, fantastic! If no, here is what to do. Make contact with your venue/s for a list of available dates, choose two if you can. Make contact with all your vendors and send your two possible dates and ask for a quick response. At this point all you need to know is yes or no so you can secure your new date and move forward. Worry about any other details later.

Select your date and lock it in! Hopefully most or all of your initial vendors are available. To make this easier I find most of my Brides have postponed by at least one year – this is actually really helpful for your vendors, most weddings book 6-10months out so by booking one year out it gives us a bit more flexibility. If you have managed to secure in demand vendors, it might be worth popping them an email before choosing your date so you can be sure they will be available.

I have my new date, now what?
Wonderful, you remember that list of vendors you wrote down? Go through with your red pen and tick everyone who is available on your new
date (we will come back to them soon). Circle in red any vendors who are not available, now create a new list and do some online searching for
new vendors in these areas.

When speaking with those unavailable vendors remember they will be saddened to not be part of your day anymore, I know the first question you will want to ask is can I have my deposit back? Before you do, read through your contract. The answer will be there, if you want to discuss this with them, go ahead. But remember that this pandemic is not their fault either. It has hurt us all in many ways and supporting the Wedding Industry in this time will mean that fewer businesses will have to close, let’s get through this together!

Most vendors are being very supportive where they can, sadly I have lost six bookings of my Brides due to being unavailable on their new dates but I have offered that they be able to use their deposit as a credit to a future service with me. Your vendors might have an offer of some kind too? It is
important to remember that this may not be possible across the industry depending on the service…

how to re-plan your wedding day post covid 19

Research and Rebook.
Now it is time to fill those gaps. Research enquire + book new vendors in place of those that were unavailable. I know this is much easier
said than done. Use this as an opportunity to review your previous plans + adjust or include + any extra things.

how to re-plan your wedding day post covid 19

Confirm with the Confirmed.
Flick back to the list of your available vendors, you will need to contact everyone and review or adjust details to suit your new date. I
recommend contacting your Photographer first. If it is a different season you may need to reassess ceremony times etc to accommodate

Once their advice is sort + sorted set a new ceremony time if needed, liaise with your Celebrant, Hair & Makeup Team, Florist, Stylist + Videographer with your new Ceremony time and they will come back to you with a new time schedule for their services. Discuss with your venue any time changes needed so they can make adjustments – if your venue is not handling the catering, you will need to contact catering too.

how to re-plan your wedding day post covid 19

What do I do with all this information?
Yes, you are going to end up with an inbox full of details. Get on the computer and let’s get a Time Schedule for your day created - you might already have one from your original date which you can just make adjustments too. I know by this point so many Brides have a secret love for excel spreadsheets!

Start with the time you wake up and move through your day in the order that things will happen, inputting all the times + details the vendors have sent you. If you want to take things next level, you can also include a column for payments so you will know quickly what balances are left – this will be helpful in the month of your wedding!

how to re-plan your wedding day post covid 19 marina machados ckaes

Congratulations! Your vendors are sorted! But now the guests.
Depending on when your wedding is + what the level of restrictions are, you may have to revisit your guest list. Choosing a guest list or reducing a guest list can be hard + relies completely on your personal preference. If you must reduce your guest list the first place I suggest you start is a list of vulnerable people to contact.

Vulnerable might mean the elderly, interstate or overseas guests who cannot travel yet, infants (and their parents) or those with any respiratory concerns like asthma. These guests may choose not to attend and that is ok. Perhaps you could organise someone to stream your wedding to these guests? Or have it recorded and sent to them.

This will be an immediate drop in numbers and will mean you have not had to choose for people not to come. Hopefully this might see your wedding meet the required numbers, if not - back to the guest list you go. Unfortunately, you will have to make some hard decisions. Maybe you could request those guests send you a photo, have it printed, framed and placed on a table? They will still be with you! Have your photographer take a photo with your table of photos + send it to the guests, it will be something they treasure!

how to re-plan your wedding day post covid 19

Table Seating.
This old gem I hear you say… your venue or location will advise what area restrictions you will be bound by. It might mean getting out the tape measure + making sure your seating plan is  COVIDSAFE. I know all these restrictions will be really pushing your buttons by now, but we need
to remember that health is everyone’s responsibility, no one wants to end up back in isolation. If you have an on the day Stylist or Planner check in with them about this, I am sure they will already know the requirements + will measure every seat distance. 

how to re-plan your wedding day post covid 19

The final step is waiting for your day to arrive! I know that you have been through so much over the past months. Being left with no choice but to postpone your day was only just the beginning! I want you to know… every bride and groom, that we - the wedding industry hurt with you!

how to re-plan your wedding day post covid 19

We are so much more than just your wedding day vendors, we treasure being part of every wedding day, your ‘once in a lifetime’ celebrations! So, for now stay safe, check in with us often (I love hearing from my Brides!).

Take the positive and let’s right this wave together!

Much love always!
Tyneale Hahn Makeup Artist