Perth Wedding creatives + a 4WD took to the dunes for this gorgeous capture of bridal inspo blessed with beauty and incredible play with light by Taylor + Co Photography. "The most fab moment from our styled desert shoot was meeting our lovely couples! They were so down to Earth, and there was so much love in the air - as cliche as it sounds... The gorgeous winter sun, setting over the crisp white dunes was pretty rad too." Hayley tells.

"I've always wanted to travel to Egypt, but old mate Covid had other ideas. I wanted to create that warmth you feel when you see the person you love. That little warm fuzzy feeling. Together with our bloody dream team and some loved up couples, our vision came to life and every time I see the snaps I get that exact warm, fuzzy feeling."

P h o t o g r a p h e r : @taylorandcophotography
D r e s s : @zolotas_australia
M a k e u p : @courtneyjayne_studio
F l o r a l s : @floralstate
M o d e l s : @molly.e.h & @danmoreira31